Beyond the Coal Rush

An award-winning three-part series broadcast on ABC Radio National, one of the outcomes from this project.

REPORTER: Tom Morton


The March
of Coal

Tom Morton visits Germany, India and northern NSW where plans are underway for new and bigger coal mines. Local people are fighting back, to save their traditional lands, their ancient villages, animal corridors and rich agricultural lands, all of which are threatened by the ongoing march of coal.

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The Age
of Coal

Tom Morton continues documenting the struggle against coal on three continents. In Germany, the proposed expansion of a coal mine would see villages destroyed. In Australia, a food bowl in northern NSW will be at risk. And in India, subsistence farmers would be removed from traditional lands.

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The Transition Begins

Change is under way. Electricity will be cheaper and cleaner. The challenge is for the world to rebuild its energy system quickly to minimise damage from a warming planet. Change in the world’s energy system is happening fast in some countries, not at all in others.

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