Workshop exploring the coal rush

18 Dec 2013 | Australia, Germany, India

This workshop sponsored by the ASSA addressed the dilemma between coal dependence and the imperative to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases. Political debates about climate change have not directed public deliberation to the social dynamics of emissions-intensive industries like coal, or the prospects for transition. This workshop was conceived as a forum to engage directly with today’s Coal Question.

The workshop asked how is coal dependence maintained? What factors may be emerging to support a transition beyond coal? How are these questions answered for contrasting localities in the global coal chain.

In order to capture and address the global and translocal dimensions of the coal rush, the workshop brought together twenty scholars investigating the coal economies in Australia, India and Germany, as well as postgraduate students and activists.

The workshop report is available on the Academy of Social Science Australia website.

The Coal Rush, and Beyond: Comparative Perspectives
16 – 17 December 2013
University of Technology Sydney

Workshop convenors
Associate Professor James Goodman (UTS)
Professor Heather Goodall FASSA (UTS)
Professor Linda Connor (Sydney)